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safely connects and welcomes both locals and visitors to experience the spirit of aloha (compassion for all).

Hawaii Pass celebrates the past of ohana (family) while defining a future built on new standards of personal health and safety.

Businesses need staff back at work in a way that minimizes their risk of Covid-19 infection
This requires a comprehensive system integrating symptom, contact tracing, test and vaccine data analysis

Stimulates and Supports the New Realities for Economic Safety and Privacy

Employees and citizens need support throughout the cycle of infection – before, during and post infection

Employees and citizens need both their health & privacy protected for a system to be widely adopted

HawaiiPass is built on the Pass+ Health ID. The Gold Standard for Privacy, Security and Ethical Data Usage.
Unisys Stealth Identity Management and Security
Microsoft Blockchain Data Privacy and ControlDistributed ledger technology for data ownership and authenticity
Connection to Verifiable Vaccine Registry Credential  Supporting vaccination programs in several states.